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  • Built-in web server to access your phone.
  • Use your phone camera for remote surveillance.
  • Remotely view and control your phone through the web control panel.
  • Remotely start up surveillance feature using SMS.
  • Control access to the app through lock pattern.
  • Motion detection and face detection using different algorithms.
  • Trigger alarm through SMS or email at configured interval and triggers.
  • Save detected images to cloud storage or attach in email.
  • Manual or motion activated video recording.
  • Integrated with Google Drive.
  • Ability to disguise the camera and close the app when device is touched.
  • Turn your phone into a webcam or remote surveillance camera using any applications that support DirectShow API, e.g. Skype or VLC Media Player.
  • Turn your phone into a SMS gateway - support REST APIs for SMS sending and receiving.
  • REST APIs to manipulate contact, photo, video and audio.
  • REST APIs to send MMS.

Available at Google play